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You guys are studs, thanks so much!

I don't know if I can pin point a pattern for when she does act up. I would say that more then likely, it is after she sits for some time, but not exclusively. I would say that once she is warm, she is much easier to restart, with little threat of her pulling hard, but there are exceptions such as yesterday.

Example, I started her yesterday after it sat for a week or two (acting as a backup mower), it did take many pulls to start her, some of which were the deltoid destroying kind. Ran it for 15 minutes, parked her for 15, and then tried to start her only to again damage my rotator cuff. Today I started it, and she kicked over great.

I have pulled the plug at this time, to clear the chamber, and it pulls pretty easy, normal I would say. I wanted to see if the plug was fouling, but did not show much evidence that it was.

Today pulled her quite a few times, and she started nice, and none of the pulls were of the brutal sort. I am wondering about the carb too?

Thanks guys
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