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Not so much into running 'hybrid' tools, even the EV autos don't do much for me,
and it has more to do with the fact that I'm not so sure it really 'saves' much in the sum,
but I am all about energy conservation and to a point, production.

There are many ways to conserve energy even with yesterday's tools and vehicles,
I see it all too often as well, business owners concentrating on their business while
forgetting all about their homes...
My attitude is that reducing one's cost of living easily translates into a reduced cost of doing business.

Anyhow, I also know I've posted some stuff on solar energy, there was
some interest at the time but like yourself, when the stuff gets lost so fast...

Originally Posted by BladeScape View Post
I'll keep my 2-strokes, and diesel powered truck.
Do a google for "hypermiling" to see what kind of mpg some nutcases are getting.
Not that I necessarily agree with all hypermiling tactics as more than a few are unsafe practice,
but I think the last 'record' set was 200 miles per the gallon, in a car (yes a hybrid, pure gassers might push 100'ish).

All that folklore that's been spreading for 20 odd years, folks blaming the government for not giving us the technology to
achieve 100mpg's, when in reality the technology is inside our vehicles today and the real reason for bad economy is driving style...

I'd hate to see what a diesel hypermiler could do, but they'd whoop all of us in the fuel efficiency department.

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