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Maybe its just my company and who we are marketed to but we always do that extra **** at no extra charge. honestly it makes the customer really appreciate you. Just put that you did it on the invoice but free of charge. Then it doesnt go unnoticed. Its a great way to recieve an awesome reputation, and thats how you make money. Then your able to charge more. If you start putting that **** in your contract, you may lose lots of your accounts. The only time i had to say that was when we were cutting a huuuge account and they put the sprinklers on every morning even though we came on wed everyweek. It made the process much longer dealing with this wet grass. When we told theem we were going to charge more if they continued to do that they stoped putting the sprinklers on on wed until wed night. Problem solved. That is jusst my input and the way yourdoing it may work bettter towards your clients but it may not. Just something to think about.
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