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I do appreciate all the info here. I guess after I looked at all the print it does come off as negative. If my lawn guy handed me that I would see nickle and dime negatives.
I do stress getting the full service accounts (mulching, bed edging, fert. etc). That alone cut back on the browsers this season. I guess Im trying to find a way to say to my present custs. that they know I do reliable, timely, clean work. The ones that leave items around are qualifying accounts. Not all just a few.

Some custs. need an awakening, dont take advantage of a good thing. The smaller things that hold me up are the same ones that customers neglect. Oh lets put the baby pool here, and let the kids leave their footballs, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc. everywhere. Chris wont mind. Or whats worse they dont even take that into account at all. Just trying to find a way to make all well informed and content.

Hey Nebraska- That 75 y.o. Norma this season was a 40 y.o. stay at home mom in a $465,000 home that didnt see her lawn growing the normal 3" A WEEK it usually did. It did grow 1.5" though. When I charged extra for every other week, she pissed and moaned. Shes a good service account. Just blew me away.

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