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Ted, did you made side-by-side comparison video yet? (also -adverse conditions (full of grass(clippings), mud, ets)
btw. when you do stops (on video) - ypu can show stops with and without brakes - (better 4 visual, - in screen everything appears different than live)

2. does breaks works on the flat to help decelerate mower before turn - same effectively as on the slope?
how it damages the turf?
(i wouldn't expect it would work, but who would believe it works on the slope! so...
btw. - with increased speed and weight of the mowers - it get more harder to decelerate and turn around w/o turf damage (like bike or car w/o front brake - with only rear it would roll and roll...)
so if your brakes help to decelerate quickly and smoothly, turn and go - we can use our speed more, here's productivity (and quality) increase, not only safety

3. what you think of electric (not hydro) brake syst?
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