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Let's take a little trip.

Here are pics of the lane that I am running my dump through through to get to the back side of the property. I really couldn't tell you why there isn't an entrance off the road to north side of the property.

I'm basically trying to find the best route so I'm not tracking on the lawn any more than I have to, and I didn't want to tear up the driveway around the back door. Eventually I'll go that way to lay my fill for the patio, and hopefully it's dry when I do that.

Along the path is lots of semi-forgoten equipment. Old balers, mowers, trailers, a heavy equipment trailer, tanks, etc...........

You just have to see the pics, I knew describing it wouldn't do it justice, so I took a ton of pics from the lawn to exit.

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Good Ol' Milly, always following me around and getting into my pics.

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This is the loading zone

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Lots and Lots of Golden Rod

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