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Kawasaki Engine problems! Please help!

I had a thread on here last week asking about a Kawasaki engine that was hard to start. I put some seafoam in the engine and ran it for a little while but still need to run the gas out of the mower to run all of the seafoam through. I went out to start and run again this morning and now the string pull won't even pull out at all. I ran and mowed with the mower just last night and it ran beautifully. Has anyone had this type of problem and what was the cure? I'm calling the dealer tomorrow concerning warranty but thought I'd get an idea of what it is before I talk to him. Any input would be greatly appreciated. The mower literally has 25 to 30 hours max on it. I have 2 other exact same engines with a bunch more hours than this one that start and run flawlessly. Its a kawasaki KAI series 17hp twin V engine.

Thanks in advance
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