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Day 6

So, after all the rain, and the break-down with the machine, I was up and running today. On Monday, when the weather was nice, I was able to piddle around and pull all the hostas that were in the existing bed around the house.

Today, after it rained most of yesterday, I was able to get in and finish removing the side walk and got about 30% of the dirt dug out for the base. I would have liked to been a little farther along, but, for the day I was pretty happy.

For someone who doesn't consider himself an operator, I think I'm doing pretty good with the machine. I do have some skills that I learned from growing up on a farm though, so it's almost second nature for me.

I was in such a tizzy to get a good chunk of work done today, so I didn't take any pics. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, so I think I'll go out there and take some pics.

Even with all the rain, the air is cooler and dryer. On top of that, the black soil I'm working with is about the most Virgin Midwestern topsoil you could ever imagine, so luckily I've only needed 12 hours or so before I can work in it again without mucking up the place.

Pics tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, I used the machine to dig 3 graves for someone, If you really want to know the story you can P.M. me. It wasn't for anything sinister, just not sure I can post it on-line or not.
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