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Thanks for the pics, I started construction today on the sides. I am doing pressure treated framing, outdoor CDX then covering it with a roofing tar. I have 2x6's running along the tops and bottoms and then 2x4's for the uprights. I decided to use my existing sideboards and build up 4 feet from there. I am going to tie the side boards to box using lags and flat stock metal. I am not sure about the roof yet but I have large L brackets and I may install some mesh on the front or top for vents. I am in the process of getting the doors figured out. I am pretty sure on the dual barn doors on each side to distribute the load along the sides instead of a large top hinge. I will get pics up for others when I can. FYI pressure treated plywood is twice the price of the outdoor CDX, marine grade is over 80 bucks a sheet so that was out. The PT framing I am using wood from a deck I removed so its not pretty but no one will ever see it. I have decided on a tar based covering to keep the cost down because there is so much square footage to cover. I hope to have to completed by the weekend.
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