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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
I assume you know that your dealer can get all of those items for you. If not, happy to give you the # of one who can.
No way, oh my gosh am I a dummy. I never would have thought to call a Shindaiwa dealer for Shindaiwa parts. Kidding aside, thanks. I have called probably 20 dealers today (so no tx#'s please) and have found 1 used lower that I have to check out Thursday. To piece them back together would cost more than the price of a new trimmer. These two powerheads were cannibalized for the shafts years ago. I was hoping to find some nice person on here that has a similar but opposite problem, having shafts ect. only. Shindi used to ship these in two boxes so I called all over the place today checking to see if any were laying around in someones shop. There is also quite a delay on parts for Shindi due to the buyout of them by echo. Thanks again though.
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