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Originally Posted by Picasso View Post
I belive the vast majority of high end landscape operations always contiune maintaining their installs for years to come. Every company I respect and admire I know for a fact that they maintain them. Marty grunder is huge into this, he preaches about this. The maintenance side is a constant and dependible flow of cash into your biz. The new construction could very well come to a complete hault where even mr.etw man has no work to do. It could, will it? Probly not but it could. If it did....... You would still have cash flowing in. I belive its a vital part of keeping your work top notch for years and years, keeping the publics perseption of you top notch. The landscape looks the best 3-5 years after it has been installed but if "mikes lawn and landscape" comes in and throws down red mulch over your nice hardwood and prunes this, cuts that, moves this, tops that then it is on a steep downward spiral. If you are maintaining the property you can keep things on the up and up, maybe a tree does need to be moved, maybe we want to change this or change that to keep things working in perfect harmony with one another. A whole other side to the importance is keeping a constant flow of communication with the client. This is a highly important aspect because you want to be johny on the spot when they do need more work but it also allows you to work referals out of this client. Keep them in the loop.
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I have read this whole thread twice and admire everything Jarod has said and shown in these pages. I have learned a lot from everything and love seeing the pics and updates!

I usually try to not clutter threads with simple replies but I like your reference to Marty Grunder. I see a lot about him on this site and I can tell you that his operation and him are first class. They do a great job, present themselves well, and have a great reputation. I feel lucky to be in his area as they are a pretty cool inspiration.
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