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Originally Posted by Marcos View Post
Thanks for clarifying, Barry.

From what I've seen & heard around the country at trade shows etc, the term 'bridge product' is by no means universally understood yet on all the front lines of the fert biz.

So, maybe you could please help this understanding along a little bit more, by beginning to include this term in your occasional lawnsite pop-ups for your "fortified line" that includes the oft-advertised Nutrients PLUS Screamin Green 16-2-3 (?)
Sorry guys, I thought I've been clear that NP Screamin Green 16-2-3 contained both synthetic nutrients & organic matter. I'll have to do better.

The term "bridge product" was coined by Harmony Products (a fertilizer manufacturer founded in 1990, now out of business) and is used to describe blends of synthetic and natural sources of nutrients. The "PLUS" in Nutrients PLUS name refers to organic matter. Nutrients PLUS is unique in providing proof that nutrient inputs can be reduced in a program that meets 10-15 lbs of organic matter/1000K annually.

Nutrients PLUS is only one of several product lines that Tech Terra Organics represents. We use many products in our application business and when we find products that work, have positive environmental impact at competitive prices, we act as distributors for these manufacturers.

As always, please visit our website for more info & sign up for our newsletters.
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