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I haven't read all of the posts - but my $.02 is:
Athletic gray collared polos with a pocket. The company info is silk screened over the left breast where the pocket is at - then across the back in large bold letters for the vision impaired and old folks the same company info that is on the front.
I used to "assign" shirts meaning each one had that particular employee's name - more for dispute resolution. Meaning if a client had a problem with one of my employees all they had to do was get the name but no one ever did.
So now I buy in bulk one time per year, thirty shirts silk screened at $6.25 each.
All employees have to pass muster each morning, clean shirts, neat appearance, boots in good shape, etc. So if one has a messed up shirt I simply swap it out with a new one - everyone is allowed eight shirts per year.
I buy the uniform pants on-line from used commercial clothes dealers - like Cinta.
Cost is $2.95 for pants in decent shape and I buy ten per year.
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