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Originally posted by Brickman
Odin the reason they out sell Ford is because they have two divsions selling trucks. If Ford had two divisions guess who would out sell who. Ford almost sells as many with one division as GM does with two. Besides GM has to sell that many to replace the POS that don't make the grade. Go browse Plow Site, there is PLENTY of crying by die hard GMers that are planning to switch brands when they buy the next time.
now i couldn't care less who sold more, but brikman i think you're mixing the argument up.

how does having 2 divisions make gm sell more trucks? if they created 10 truck divisions, would they sell more? no, each division would just sell 1/10. aggregate the sales, still the same total annual #.

now i dont know if ford or gm sold more last yr, but an f series sale counts as 1, and a gmc OR chevy sale counts as one.

now what i read a couple years back was that ford is the best selling nameplate only cause gm allows it. that is, if they eliminated the GMC line, which are all chevy clones, theory says those who would have purchased GMC would go to chevy. and then more chevy's would be sold than ford.

fords should say thank you.

and homer try losing a dodge tranny 4 hrs into a 15" storm.
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