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A lot of the big companies that use the heck out of their trucks, like Haliburton etc, use Fords. They test different trucks from time to time and they KNOW how much it cost to keep them running. Ford comes out the cheapest everytime because they have fewer break downs per mile. When my Dad was manager for Baker Oil Tools up here the corporation would send up a Chevy or a Dodge so it could be tested in the cold. He would have to make sure all maintenance was done by the book and document all the problems. He always hated that because it meant he would have down time on the Chevies or Dodges while the Ford would just keep going. I can remember a couple of times when he was using my old 60 something Ford to haul tools to a rig because all the other Ford were out and the other brand was broken and waiting for a part. He always felt that made them look unprofessional but thought that not shpwing up was way worse.

When I went to work for Arco on the Slope we had Ford trucks for the first ten years or so. Where I work is about 17 miles from our camp. I was never stranded by a Ford truck. Then we started getting Chevies from a lease company that is owned by a Native corporation, Arco did this because they wanted to get in good with them because they owned some property that Arco wanted to drill on. The "Alpine" oilfeild is on this property now. It was a political decision, not one about the trucks. Anyways, I have been stranded by those @##$#@@&& broken down Chevies at least 20 times in the last 7 years. One was a Duramax that had a whole 70 miles on it. It lost the headgasket. Also the Chevies won't bust the snowdrifts as well as the Fords did, ground clearence maybe? aggravating! Our vehicle maintenance department says that the cost per mile with the Chevies is near 40 % higher than the Fords.
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