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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
It was an idiotic article. I hate when people put the blame on an industry when it really comes down to the customers being responsible and informed about who they hire.

I will say on your first comment, thanks. I wish business was a little better, but, I'm still growing and I do see some major potential in where my biz will go as long as the economy keeps slogging forward through the financial mud.

The clients that I've worked with generally have gotten other opinions from other scapers, and didn't like what they had to say, or they couldn't sell their product. I guess I'm finding my niche in a market that is saturated by landscapers.

I'm not saying that I'm a unique landscaper, and my landscapes are the end all to be all, but, I do feel I have a different perspective to turn even some simple jobs into something unique and sweet .

Thanks Whitey, Hope your feeling better.

I'm hangin in... they keep cuting more dead tissue off my foot, and it just bleeds more. They should have left the frackin thing alone. that toe has been bleeding for almost 2 months now, since they took a knife to it.

I'm mostly mowing, but got a few lawn reno's this fall, two sod jobs, two seedings, and some tree installs, one small retaining wall, but it's slow.

I think you have a very good eye for design work, and obviously can talk with customers. I hate to call it selling. It's listening and responding to a customer's needs. It's that simple. Seems you ar very good at that sort of communication. When I talk to a customer, I don't sell anything. I just talk... and mostly listen. if there is a job there, I'll get it. I think you likely do it about the same way.

Keep up the great work my friend. Later.
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