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Thanks for all the replies and even the laughter from a few of these. All this talk about Ford reliability has got me thinking! Maybe I should trade this beast off. I dunno...........I still have a few months left on the lease and I need to do something before it's time to turn it in. Trade would be the wisest move but I was sure hoping to get into something cheaper payment wise. I will say that the Dodge has only been in the shop once since I got it and that was fuel pressure related and fixed under warranty. All this has come up in the last couple weeks and the timing is just bad. My Daughter backed into my truck with our SUV so now we have dents to pay the deductibles on so they can be fixed, just another $1000.00 to come up with. Christmas ain't looking good for the Homers

On a brighter note: I did go to that transmission site, DTT, got on their forum and explained what had happened. The owner and tranny guru replied and said it sounded like the governor to him and it could be fixed for around $175.00 if I did the work myself. I had to run a pressure test first to establish and identify the problem. All that's greek to me but he claims if I can service the tranny then I can replace the governor. Also a call is in order to Chrysler to complain about their product that I held to such a high standard just a few thousand miles ago.

Hey, it's only money right? And us grass cutters make a ton........or so I've been told!
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