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Originally Posted by Marcos View Post
This is Milorganite's History page from their web site:

As you can see, not word 1 mentioned about iron past or present.
This specific question may be worth a call or two to their 800 number, what'ya think?

Oh, sure, I'm not debating whether iron is a naturally-occurring element or not. It has it's esteemed 26th place on the periodic table.
And no doubt there's X amount of digested Fe that is processed into Milorganite right along with the turds.
But is that X amount sufficient to total 4%?

As far as your point about relatively few people not knowing the benefits of Fe on turfgrass, I take exception to that.
'Ironite' has been seasonally marketed quite heavily nationwide the last couple of decades on radio & TV, newpapers & magazines since it left its early origin of golf course greens and entered the retail market:

Like Milorganite, Ironite perennially suffers from an onslaught of criticism from organic gardeners, especially, because of a problem with arsenic & lead at ppm levels.

But to the point....I think that because of super-aggressive & very well-timed marketing by a namesake company like Ironite, generally more folks know about the (short-term, cosmetic) benefits of iron than you may think.
Maybe where you are at, or in your media market, but I have never heard an ironite commercial. First I knew abut the stuff's existance is from this forum. When people think about what's in a bag of fertilizer - they think its 'magic' if it's "Scott's Turbuilder" but not so good if it's another brand.
Heck, we even have people on here who have been spreading Scott's w/pre-m, w/out realizing they are handling herbicide. They read the back of the bag and visualize a 'barrier', not a root inhibiting chemical.

I had read a rather extensive history about Milorganite last year. It wasn't very informative about the contents and procedure of removing heavy metals etc., so I am not surprised you didn't find anything about iron either. Just that it is safe and FDA approved.
I haven't checked to see if its dissolvable in water. I will leave that testing jar outside.
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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