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What to do with clippings

I have a cabover with an 8' x 18' landscaper body. It has expanded mesh in the side rails, so when my Walker gets full, I back up on the bed and dump the hopper. The bed itself is steel diamond plate, and the right side rail folds down, so when it's time to clean the bed, I lower the side rail, and rake and/or shovel the clippings off the right side. Another thing I found that works well is bags. My dealer sells these plastic bags, fairly heavy duty, that will fit over the mouth of the hopper on the Walkers. I open the hopper, stretch a bag over the mouth of the hopper, and then dump the hopper into the bag. My Walker has the large hopper, but these bags will hold a whole hopper full. I tie the bags, so clippings are not blowing out all over S.C.
When it's time to clean the truck bed off, again, I fold the side rail down on the right side, slide a bag accross the bed floor(because you can't lift them when they are full) and untie the bag, tilt it over on it's side, and dump it off the truck. If you're halfway careful with the bags, you can re-use them. Bags come on a big roll, in a box with about 80 bags to a roll. keeps the truck bed a little cleaner, and I don't have to worry about S.C.'s finest pulling me over for stuff blowing out of the back of my truck.

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