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Originally Posted by greenred View Post
Ted I like your idea a lot. I see one potential problem that Im not sure if anyone mentioned. When I mow with my ZTR its common for me to put the front casters as far under bushes and low hanging trees like pine trees as possible so I can avoid as much trimming as possible. I dont know how strong the hoses are, but their set up looks to me like they are liable to catch on stuff if used the way I mentioned.

I doubt they will "brake" off. (pun intended) but seriously, if you take a few seconds to make sure your not driving into something that COULD cause damage then I think it would be perfectly fine.

I'd love to see these become standard on ZTR's. I have one place I cut that I've already slid down the hill into a tree! Had my mower been equipped with front brakes I would have never came close to even sliding.
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