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Originally Posted by greenred View Post
Ted I like your idea a lot. I see one potential problem that Im not sure if anyone mentioned. When I mow with my ZTR its common for me to put the front casters as far under bushes and low hanging trees like pine trees as possible so I can avoid as much trimming as possible. I dont know how strong the hoses are, but their set up looks to me like they are liable to catch on stuff if used the way I mentioned.

The first version (pictured above) was not equipped to handle this type of problem, but these hoses have been replaced with braided steel lines and are really made to withstand light to moderate abuse from catching on something (depending on how brutal you are on your mower). We will try to include everyones ideas in our future demo videos. Thanks to everyone who has provided input as it has greatly affected the developement stages of the Tedbrake.

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