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S600TX = Awesome

So today I had my pavers, restraint, and poly sand delivered to the job site. There was no real good place for the truck to turn around in the drive so he pulled in strait and was going to back out of the drive when he left.

He had a double axle, I would say medium sized rig, and a single axle trailer with a spider on the back.

When he was backing out he got the rear drive axle just barely off the road. He tried to lock his air-locker for the rear axle to try to get some traction from the tire that was still on the pavement, but he had an air leak somewhere and it wouldn't engage the locker in the axle.

I told him to take some air out of the rear air bags to lower the rear and that actually got him the traction needed to pull ahead.

Well, he had to back up again so he could make the turn and hung the rear wheel on the edge of the road again. Keep in mind in normal conditions this wouldn't be a big deal, but everything is soaked and sloppy and getting off the road a little bit and you lose traction.

So, I busted out the mini skid and hooked a strap to the front of the truck. We both wondered if it was going to actually work or not, and I figured if it didn't, the owner has his 4020 John Deere Tractor, so I wasn't worried.

Low and behold, I had the tracks on the chip rock/oil road and it pulled the semi far enough ahead to get traction. The mini hardly worked, and the tracks barely spun on the road.

So, I wish I had the camera, that would have made a good picture. If I had any doubts about the S600TX having plenty of power, they were washed away in this instant.
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