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High Speed Slides

What a coincidence. I am uploading some of the original testing footage as well as an interview with the owner of the property we tested on. He came by the other day and told me that he almost took a swim in his pond on his mower because he lost control and had a nasty slide down the same hill we shot the test footage on almost 9 months ago. He wanted to see if they were ready to be put on his mower yet, and also offered $1000 to me to have them on his mower by next season.

We did not put any stipulations on our independent testers in the first two videos, and I personally can understand why they were hesitant to go very fast down up to a 24 degree wet slope that each had both already had a scary "out of control" experience on before with something that they had never tried before. My cameraman informed me that Clark was not about to tear up his personal grass at his house, and looking at how beautiful those hills were, like I said before, I don't blame him.

They are not likely candidates to go ripping down their customers or personal property's turf, then induce an out of control slide (tearing up the grass) and then apply the brakes. The purpose for them in their minds was to mow the way they would in a normal situation on severe slopes that consistently give them problems and then had to decide on whether or not they made a difference.

I on the other hand . . . have been doing exactly what you are wanting to see since I created the very first set and took them down a hill. I will post a link to the third demo video that we worked on as soon as it has uploaded.

It shows some testing with High Speed Out of Control Slides going straight down slopes up to 26.5 degrees with a pond at the bottom as well as driving across the slopes then inducing a slide and finally applying brakes to regain control. We had tape on the tires to make it a little easier to see what the front and rear tires are doing during the slides.

I agree that the videos will never do them justice and that to truly appreciate them, you would have to have them on your mower (or live close enough to Newton NC to come by and test them) and be out of control sliding towards a pond or an embankment. If anyone is interested in coming to NC to demo them after the GIE EXPO then time permitting would be happy to get some more testing footage. Just have to find somewhere and someone who doesn't mind getting their grass tore up from the operator purposely inducing the slides. . . which is hard to do. People around here truly respect the turf!

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