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Originally Posted by zman2307 View Post
Will there be a way to use Tedbrakes as parking brakes as well?

Why not 4 wheel disc brakes? This would eliminate the ability to burn out hydros. Offset the braking 60/40 front/back like cars, or at least 80/20 Where you have front brakes, you will have guys that will work against them, wearing the pads out, warping the rotors, or burning the hydros up. At the same time, the brakes need to be the weak link, not the hydros.
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This is not true. The operators are what will dictate the life of the hydros. Proper use of front brakes will do nothing to the hydros. Anyone can go out and buy a piece of equipment and beat the living crap out of it in one day and destroy it. In reality, applying the front brake (not trying to lock it up, just lightly applying them) while moving will only simulate a load similar to riding up a hill IF you don't back off the controls.
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