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Originally Posted by ted corriher View Post
They do work good on flat surface as well. Same concept as a car. Momentum going forward acts similar to going down a hill. Sorry, I guess I missed that post or forgot to answer. We should do a flat surface video too I guess. So focused on the safety aspect that I didn't think about increasing productivity.

Sorry for not responding.
just been teasing you - but that's the serious matter - safety and Productivity - ability to decelerate effectively and Uturn(stop);
with increasing weight and speed of the mowers and no front steering - you can't use effectively your speed;
Grasshopper beats superZ on medium lawns - due to turnarounds - with or without turf damage - having drive tires on the front, Grasshopper just plunges & pivots on the dime while any midmount would slide by...

this is important and should be mentioned too, since it is not so obvious - antill we saw it on video, it was hard to believe - ztr front brakes could work on hill, not just slide down on round tires like on skis
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