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Originally Posted by MOWNITDOWN View Post
But I got to tell you, you gotta stop looking at that 10 day forcast. Everytime you give us the 10 day, you say it's gonna dry up, and it never has for you. Anyway, good luck and I hope you don't get 3 inches, that's a lot of rain.
Well, looking like three inches minimum. Lots of heavy rain tonight into tomorrow. Your probably right though, I might be jinking myself, but I'm trying to be as positive about the rain as much as possible. Sometimes I think I'm just kidding myself, but I feel we might have turned a corner on the rain and I'm praying for a dry spell on so many levels.

Mownitdown, thanks for following my thread. I really didn't realize there are people paying close attention to the farm house job until you posted.

I need to find the data, but I wouldn't be surprised if we've had around 10 inches of rain or more for the month. That is absolutely ridiculous for the month of October. The harvest around here hasn't been this far behind since 1960's. The farmers are who I feel the most for right now.

So, here is what I got done the last two days. Not much time involved but it needed to be done. It is the pad that I needed to lay to set the pre-cast, hollow steps. I just did a simple horseshoe where it sits and the front of the pad will be just far enough back to set my first row of pavers right underneath the steps.

11.5, 60lbs bags of concrete. 45 minutes was all it took to mix and float it. I think the form took longer to make than actually setting the concrete. After it had set some, I went ahead and filled between the pads with more crushed gravel and made it higher in the middle so that water runs off of it the next 48 hours.

You can't see it, but I put a "WG 09" in the back of the pad and will be hidden by the steps. I like leaving a little mark wherever I can when working with mortar or concrete.

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