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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
very nice..

Does that concrete from the bag finish real well?

I am asking because Dad built a shed in the backyard and it needs a little concrete apron at the double door.
Ya, not too bad. It's all a matter of making sure you have the correct water content in the mix.

I ended up doing half at a time to make sure it didn't start setting on me before I floated it. I probably ended up fussing with it more than I normally would but I wanted to make sure it was perfect so that the steps sit level without shimming them.

I also added 6, four foot sections of re-bar in it also to make sure it never moves. I also originally was going to dig footers, but the husband didn't think it was necessary as the steps are hollow and not nearly the weight of the original steps. That and I got 9 inches of compacted fill underneath the concrete so I should be good.

Eventually, when the wife decides on re-building the hitching ledges and decides on a block to use, then I'll dress up those pre-formed steps with the same block. She is already starting to finally imagine what the paver sidewalk is eventually going to look like and she is already talking about doing one of the ledges, but, I'm not pushing that until next season. It's already been a nightmare on the sidewalk.
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