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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
So the sidewalks are going to be pavers correct? Why the old concrete steps?
It was one of those balances between what the husband wants and what the wife wants. She is the one that pays me to do the maintenance, and he is the one that disagrees with her.

He originally was against doing the sidewalk this year, so she and I were both surprised when he said O.K.

So ultimately, when he has some input on what is being done, then I respect it. He is a very intelligent, utilitarian type of person. Basically he is a farmer. We are starting to get along better as he is seeing the details I'm putting into the project and he now seems to trust me and my work. When a guy like him offers you a beer then you know your getting in good with them.

Eventually, whenever the back patio is expanded some, and the hitching ledges are re-done, then I plan on using the same style block on the outsides of the steps to dress them up some. Basically it will be similar to the original style of the old steps. It will be a good balance between the formed steps and something more traditional.
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