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IMO if you have properties with landscaping, hills, slopes, etc, the best bet would be either a PG or a T3000, but the T3000 handles slopes & curves much better than any other (we have climbed slopes as high as 45 degrees without tearing up turf), yet it will not need constant maintenance like the PG's do. The T3000 also has the same capability of spreading/spraying as Z-Sprays, yet the T is much more maneuverable, does not tear up turf like ZTR's, and does not "burn turf while turning" (compared to ZTR units). Plus - the T3000 can easily be transported on a carrier rack (which we like, cuz NONE of my guys want to have to "pull a trailer").

We've racked up several hundreds of hours during the past two years on our two T3000's. Total down time this year = about two days..... mainly for installing '09/'10 upgrades that TURFCO provided us (for free) on our '08 models for us to try out. Both our T's still run like new everyday.

I know it's alot of money, but the T3000 will quickly pay for itself, and it will last for years. Z-Guys sometimes say the T's 'rust out' cuz they are not totally stainless steel. But guess what -- NEITHER of our T's have any corrosion -- "on any part whatsoever". (I figure them boys think the T is a "threat"). I agree, cuz them boys have not used T's like as long as we have, and their word is meaningless, cuz they certainly do not know what they're talking about.

We also like the fact that we can spot spray with one hand while riding in cruise control, as it "does NOT take 'two hands' to steer" (compared to "ZTR" units). "Deflector shield on the fly" (thanks TURFCO) also reduces "blowing off granules". Sorry Z-Spray guys, cuz your deflector shield sucks. We're also talking ease of use & reducing operator fatigue. Plus running record profit this year.

We tried them all --- listened to my employees's concerns. so...... we just bought another T3000 today.

Thanks TURFCO and turfcobob for your relentless support.
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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