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Finances won't be better for 29 years when my new house is paid off. Well maybe in 22 years after my 2 yr old girl and newborn son are done with college and making money on their own. Or maybe when my wife goes back to work in 15-20 years. Until then I will have to deal with the not so comfortable vinyl seat. Heck all I listen to in my current truck is AM/FM. And I don't want to even try to recycle the 75 gallons of oil that the diesels use. They give me a hard enough time at the county dump for bringing in 7 or 8 gallons at a time. I guess they want you to dump it in the backyard so we can all drink it in a couple years. It does seem like Ford would put just a couple of nice touches on the XL interior. But it will serve the purpose- Work Truck. And I just ran the numbers on It is $262 below invoice after you factor in the $1500 rebate. I just wish I could find a 2002 model they have a $2500 rebate, but the only one they had was a funky red color. Any disadvantages on the 2002???? Any big upgrades to the engine or trannies for 2003???
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