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I put Milorganite down today, and the full 36 LB bag (we are about 2000 sqft - so no problem). The store only had one bag left, and with piles of other stuff, it may be that Milorganite is being put down by a lot of landscapers here in Houston. I do like Microlife ( but its cost is going up tremendously.

Let's see how Milorganite does over the winter, and at least by Jan-Feb when it's like summer in Houston, the turf should be healthy enough to spring back after a little weed and feed. Actually, with global warming of late every time I waited for Valentine's Day to weed and feed, it seems it was like summer (at least >80F) for a long time before that. Thus, weed and feed and compost dressing in Jan wouldn't hurt.

Another thing is that you have to stay vigilant on is insects, because if you don't, by the time you recognize the problem you will way behind the power curve and half your turf will be gone. About every 4-6 months I am going to switch out and apply either Ortho Max (topical) or Bayer complete (systemic). Obviously, I would choose organic if there was a reliable insecticide, but they're not tough enough. Synthetic insecticide use is the tradeoff for maintaining an investment in turf that would cost $$$ to replace if wiped out by insects.
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