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Last Day For The Mini.

It was time to leave the farmhouse.

I took a break from the farmhouse today in order to go do a couple random things in my Mom-In-Law's back yard. Recently I took the old pool out, and cut out the old deck. I needed to move the shed before I took the machine back to the dealer.

The only thing that was left was the old river rock, posts, and the the shed needed to be moved as the new pool will be going in the opposite corner.

So I pulled the post, scraped back the river rock, mixed in a little soil and sand and built up the corner where the shed was going to end up.

I unfortunately couldn't cut the base for the new pool as the pool company won't warranty the pool unless they have an excavator they recommend to do it.

The guys that is going to do it is going to have to remove some of the fence to get a bigger machine back there, when the S600tx would have done the job with minimal damage.

Oh well that's how the ball bounces. I got the shed moved but broke the trim on one corner where my tow strap was against the shed (not in pic). Luckily that was all the damage considering it's one of those pre-fab jobs, and are made to build on site and never to move.

Tomorrow is paver day. I'm getting my first load of sand in the morning. It doesn't look like I'll have enough to get through Sunday, so I just might actually take a day off.

I didn't have my camera, but took the picks with my new LG phone. The pics turned out pretty good after tweaking the brightness and contrast.

Good ol Milly. She's always around when I'm working at the farmhouse. She's always happy to see me.

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Post from the deck.
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Shed dragged back as far as I could go. I then pushed it back in the corner.
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Hing pin height is high enough to get the bucket over without taking it off to get through the gate
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