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I hired my first employee about 11 years ago and it went OK as long as I was there to keep an eye on him. As my business started to grow and we added a second crew I quickly realized what a disaster employees can be. Now with over 30 employees (and a lot of head aches later) I take the time not only to screen my potential employees, but I try hard during the interview process to see if I can detect anything in his attitude that would make it hard for him to fit into our system of doing things. Even if he comes with a lot of experience, if I feel he will not be a team player I don't make the hire.
When I do find the right guy, we provide him with an employee hand book. We then go over our expectations of him as our employee, then he gets thoroughly trained. I have had no problems at all for 5 years now keeping guys. When I do have a complaint it is taken care of fast and the employee is notified and the problem is fixed for the future.

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