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Originally Posted by greatinmulchbeds View Post
looks good... get rid of the pvc screeds and get some metal bars...dont use 2x4s as a screed bar there not will see a big difference. But the job looks like its coming along great you have a good eye for detail

Those are actually half inch metal conduit pipe. I almost went with 3/4 as they are stiffer, but the 1/2 inch is going to be easier to bend on my curves.

The Board actually has a strip of metal screwed on the bottom of it to make it true. You can't find a board that isn't warped anymore, and I don't have a table saw to true up a 2 by 4, so I used some scrap metal I had lying around and made sure it was a strait edge.

I'm definitively making sure all the details are correct. 90% of the time most HO's don't even notice some of the details, but what they do notice is how good their landscaping looks when done, so I know the details are being noticed as a whole.

Thanks for the post.
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