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Good Review!

I'm not sure what's going on with the Turf Magazine article at the moment because I've only sent in a rough draft and they haven't contacted me since. As far as what I can tell you, this machine has a few drawbacks but overall works very well. It was big and bulky for my 2000 F-250 creating clearance issues because my overall vehicle width with the hoist arm was 9'6" which is the max for state roads here in Oklahoma. I think it may be better suited on a trailer or on the chassis of a box truck.

As far as performance, the arm has plenty of power to lift any load including wet grass and leaves. The basket didn't always empty completely when we dumped, but the system allows for small modifications using zip ties on the canvas that make up the basket. When the whole bin was full and I went to the dump, I was very much impressed. The two hydraulic cylinders that lift the bin are rated at 2,500 lbs each and have more than enough power backed by the hydraulic motor that runs on your vehicle's electrical system or on a 12V auxilliary battery. Completely filled, the bin made my F-250 lean hard to the dump side but it always began clearing debris before I had to get nervous.

I would say the only major drawback was the width of my vehicle with the lift arm on the side. We had some other issues with the equipment because it wasn't custom built for my truck, but everything should fit perfect when you order this bin from IBBZ. Like I said earlier, I would definitely consider putting this on a trailer if I had it to do all over again.

On a related note, we are strongly considering purchasing this bin for our 2010 business plan. You'd have to contact Steve at for more info on pricing, but I think you'll come out ahead on your investment especially if you pick up leaves in the fall with a debris handling mower like our Walkers.

I'll post pics as soon as I can. -Kyle
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