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Today, 2 days after applying Milorganite and Miracle Gro, my lawn is very dark green and actually returning to a rich growth since the sod webworm attack that wiped out a lot in late Sept. Therefore, I would think that the suggestion that Milorganite can turn a lawn dark green in a day or two is true. A forum for banana growers suggested that Milorganite+Miracle Gro provided "Jack and the BeanStalk"-type results, and I am confirming indeed it spikes growth and dark green color in St. Augustine in November.

Thus far, I have compiled a list of lawn treatments:

Corn meal (organic fungus prevention)
Insecticide (Ortho Max or Bayer Complete)
Fungicide (Spectracide Illuminox)
Brown Patch
Spring Weed & Feed

Are there any rules of thumb about when not to apply any of the above? I read that applying fert when it's hot e.g. Jul-Aug-Sept is not recommended.
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