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Luckily It didn't rain last night, but there might be a chance for a light shower this morning. It's all around us but we're still dry.

Didn't take any pics yesterday, I was too busy. Luckily my neighbor came to help a little yesterday. He moved some bricks for me so I could just keep laying them. He keeps refusing payment whenever he helps me with stuff, so I might just have to give his twins a savings bond or something when they arrive in 8 months. He keeps telling me that I help him out too so it evens out.

I definitively pacing my self. Even with knee pads, I still want to stand up constantly to stretch. This job has all the sudden made me feel a little older. I'm moving along O.K. but I feel it needs to be quicker. I just hold myself to some high production standards, but this job is showing me that I need to be careful.

My neighbor asked me " I can't believe sometimes how can you do all this yourself ". I just told that I love to work and work hard, and it's easier to motivate myself rather than trying to motivate employees.

Next time on a big project like this I plan on hiring someone at least through a temp agency at the minimum to get through faster. Too bad it had to rain as much as it did during this project. The plan was to work off half the pallets by hand and then use the mini to move the pallets around to the farthest sections. I just couldn't be as efficient as I wanted to. Next year I will be buying a machine, that is going to be a must if I plan on growing as a biz.

Hopefully it doesn't rain too much if at all this morning. I plan on having pavers laid to the front steps by the end of the day so I can get the poly in a compacted, that way I'll have it sealed up in case we get another stretch of rain before I finish. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully more pics tonight.
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