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Originally Posted by WVDpoker View Post
I bought a used ferris is1000z 1200 hours kawa 23hp for $2900 in April
I have about 1700 in parts and labor into it

With a weeks worth of cleanups left the crankshaft became detatched, oil everywhere, mechanic says parts will cost close to new engine

I have a toro dealer will sell me a 2008 26hp kohler Z550 Z master 52in turbo force deck for $7500 plus tax, over a $1000 less than spring, It's not a G3 but the dealer is leary of the new design and says the turbo force cuts great

Now what should I do wih the ferris, try to sell it with a blown engine, find a new engine, and keep as a backup, I do have $4400 into it, should I put another grand in for an engine or try to get $2000ish for it? The ferris has two new tires, one new hydro pump, new deck belt.

By the way-what was I thinking buying used?

Thanks for the advice
Buying used was smart know what your looking at though when buying used. I would spend 1500-2000 on a new motor instead of 7000 on a new mower. Put the rest in your pocket for a rainy day.
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