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1. To the thread starter's credit it's not a motor, it's an engine.

2. How about sticking a new engine on that used mower?
Unless you think it's going to keep giving you trouble...
That's the defining factor of the choice imo

I also like the idea of buying that other machine, then sticking a new engine on the used one and keeping it as backup.
It's not that big of a deal, probably half of my machines I bought used, yes, sometimes one blows an engine, it happens.

I've got machines I've rebuilt two and three times over, it about drives me crazy some years but then other times it runs forever.
Half the time when one craps out good it "sits" for a while, until I come up with the money, the parts, and the mood to deal with it.

Just now getting done rebuilding a transmission (that broke like 2 years ago lol).
It happens, but if nothing else I ALWAYS keep it for parts!

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