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Originally Posted by greatinmulchbeds View Post
its coming together great man! good work
Thanks, it's actually coming together better than I could have imagined.

Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
I like how you did that in the second pic, never seen that before..
Originally I was going to do a running bond around the corner, but was afraid that if my curve was too sharp then I would be stretching the pavers too far and making my path go over 3 feet wide. So the idea was to join the runs in that corner and cut them.

After I had set them I went ahead and found a center point for my curve in the bed and used a string line and pencil (compass) to sketch my curve for the corner.

In the end I did make the curve large enough that I might have gotten away with stretching the pavers around in my running bond and still had been O.K. But the idea was to have the freedom to decide when I got the front done. I was thinking last night that I might have also been O.K. to stretch the inside and outside course to help create a sailer course in the corner, but, I think at that point I'm just splitting hairs. Considering this is more of a decorative foot path, that corner should be quite alright the way it is.

I'm glad it worked out the way that it did only because it seems to match all my other curves that I have done so far.

Looking at the weather, the rain might hold off until Sunday now. I might actually go ahead and see what I can get done on the other run before I install my poly.
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