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Originally Posted by sedge View Post
bump, bump
Hmmmm...Now, I wonder if it would work, sedge.
Folks could ruin a lawnsite Green Energy forum.
They could easily turn it into more of a debate forum than what you might envision because they're (apparently) paranoid about state people or the feds mandating an end-date for engines on some of their current equipment.

But you're right.
Green Energy could be something many people in this industry could work toward in the near future, or even when things get droughty & dry for them and they can't mow (for example) during lull peroids.

There could be plenty of discussion about things far, far away from the arguments concerning engine efficiency of 2 & 4 cycle lawn equipment, etc.
There could be discussion of geothermal loop design in someone's backyard lot or pond.
Discussion about solar installs on roofs &/or on the ground.
Discussion about windmills, big & small, small like the one your grandpa might have had.
Discussion about plant installation on rooftops, or 'living roofs'

Geez! The possibilities are endless...
So maybe, a little debate mixed in wouldn't be so bad after all!
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