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Originally Posted by 1966vette View Post
I live in Kokomo, IN & plan to dormant seed KBG after thanksgiving this year.
I am eager to get started as soon as possible and want to know if it be OK to power aerator 2 weeks before I power rake and over-seed my 1 acre lawn?
Thanks in advance for helping!
I would do it earlier the same day, or maybe the day before if I were you.
The newer & fresher the soil cores, the more the power rake will be able to pick them up & grind them, & the better soil contact your seed will have as a result.
If you do it 2 weeks before, rain & sun will probably substantially wear down a lot of the soil from the cores into the ground.

That's the key to dormant seeding at the end of the day:
Maximizing seed/soil contact at the surface.
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