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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Aerating is more for the roots than a seed bed. Your power raking is going to accomplish your ends w/out aeration at all.
Actually the concept behind dormant seeding is that the seed is worked into the soil under the snow, especially as the snow melts and freezes and the soil heaves and contracts.
I believe it is a good idea to have the dead grass clippings in the base to serve as a mulch for the seed.

Larger open areas of bare soil should be ripped open and the seed having an opportunity to imbed in the ruts. Powerseeding would be your best option then.
There is no best option out there, it all depends on the soil surface, climate, etc.
I hear what you're saying about the core aerator...
But I think this guy's a homeowner trying to thicken up a stand of existing turf.
So his resources are probably somewhat limited as far as equipment.

And to be frank, thru the years I've seen quite a number of lawns come out looking like ch-ch-ch..chia! pets the next spring from a late fall double-aeration, followed closely an hour or two later by a slice-seeder not only to slice & drop seed, but also to chop up the cores to make the best contact w/ the seed.
Mow fairly close B4 proceeding.

In the neck o' the woods where I was raised, the term for applying seed before snowfall and/or before frost & freeze cycles is called frost seeding.
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