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Ya I know that Dailmer owns Detroit diesel and Mercedes Benz so they want to start using both of these engine in their light and heavy duty trucks. They want to use a 6 cylinder Benz in the Dodge trucks which will be interesting from the spec's they sound all right. They are using Benz as a engine choice in the Frieghtliner trucks and supposidly they are turning out tobe a good engine. My concern would be getting parts for them being a Forieng made engine I guess if more of them get on the market parts will get better.

I have heard that Ford has their fingers in Cummins but that rumor has been circulating around for awhile now Cummins denies it maybe just to keep things quiet.

The Daimler Corporate is sort of run by a bunch of people that don't have a clue on what they are doing. What really pizzed me off is Ford sold their heavyduty truck line to Diamler that was the worst mistake ever then Diamler bought Western Star trucks.

We will have to see what happens I know Ford isn't gonna break ties with International to build engines for their trucks they are even teaming up to build medium duty trucks together.
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