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Pavers Are Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over 6000 bricks laid. No pics tonight though as I was wetting down the poly sand by floodlight. I will have pics tomorrow evening.

The circle bed turned out awesome. Can't wait to post the pics on that section.

The only issue I had with the poly was with the fact that some of my pavers were "sweating". I had noticed on some of the pallets had been saturated with water when they were in shipment and never truly dried out over the last seven days. Even a couple of sections I got done early on still had a handful of pavers that were still wet. If you look in some of the pics that I have already posted, you can actually see those bricks.

The circle was the worst. The light colored bricks seemed to be the ones that had the most issues, and of course I got done laying the bricks in the circle about 1 p.m. so ultimately they didn't have enough time to dry.

We were able to peel it off fairly easily and I can use a putty knife to clean up the worst of the pavers. Luckily, there seems to be a pretty good finish on the pavers and they didn't seem like they were staining at all from the brown poly.

Pics Tomorrow
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