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Originally Posted by 1966vette View Post
I live in Kokomo, IN & plan to dormant seed KBG after thanksgiving this year.
I am eager to get started as soon as possible and want to know if it be OK to power aerator 2 weeks before I power rake and over-seed my 1 acre lawn?
Thanks in advance for helping!
What are you trying to do? Replace the lawn you have or just make it thicker? For your info. Aeration holes make a great place for grass to get a start. If you aerate, seed and power rake right behind it you will get seed into the holes and get plants out of it. Consider this.. If you plant Bluegrass it will expand roughly 4 inches in a year and start more plants. Fescue will just put up one plant and not spread. So if you aerate the H$%^ out of it. Say get 10 to 15 holes per sq ft you can start a lot of plants. This will require many passes with rolling aerators as they put 6 holes per sq ft per pass. Bottom line is Aerate the h^&* out of the lawn seed either broadcast (If you broad cast you will have to slice it in or power rake it in.) Or you can just wait a day and slice seed. This will break up the cores making dirt of them and move the dirt and seeds into the holes. We did tests on this at Ryan back in the 1970s and it really works. I have actually taken my lawn from BG to Fescue by doing this several years in a row.
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