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I'd like to thank, well, everyone for all their support !!!!!!!

So glad the pavers are done. I can't describe the relief that has washed over me.

I'll say, I've been feeling pretty cocky the last 24 hours. I've gone from being modest about my work to a real sense of accomplishment in my work.

I've had to be careful though, if I have too much pride it will turn into an inflated ego, and I've had to keep "checking" myself occaisionally.

All in all, I'm very happy in the work I've just done. I never really "hype" anything I do, but I'm hyping this one up.

Now, hopefully the Gods aren't mad at me and I can get a stretch of 3 days to dry it back out and finish the dirt work and landscaping.

Even though it has rained a lot through this project, I still feel lucky to get the pavers finished before any major disasters keep me from getting it done this fall.

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