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Originally posted by eslawns
Most of us don't even need V8 gas engines, and there are several outfits around here using Nissan 4cyl/V6 trucks.

Most diesels are at least $6k more, right? That plus the maintenance costs will buy an awful lot of gas. Unless you put high miles on the truck, or pull a heavy rig, gas is going to be cheaper in the long run.
i disagree with the V8 comment. most LCO 's here use at least half tons, even if they don't plow. those that plow , need V8. nissans? you see em, but please.

i do agree on gas engines. after 200k, with salt damage, plow damage, etc. a truck won't have much left. what good is engine with many more years of use if there is no truck to run it in?

if you're from a warm southern climate the above opinion obviously does not apply.
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