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Originally Posted by teamgreendude View Post
nice stuff !!!!,
my parents won't even consider the 2500hd, they think it's to big for me but i may of found a 2003 f-150 with a blizzard 810 on the front that i may be buying !. Are you going to get another toro mower, I may also be getting the new grandstand which is a nice mower but we shall see.
Thanks man, sucks your parents won't let you get a bigger truck, I love mine. My parents didn't mind. That F150 sounds good, but I don't know about the plow. That is alot of weight for a half ton. I believe the 810 weighs like 1100 lbs, my 2500hd squats a decent amount, I can't imagine a half ton. I would keep looking, a heavy plow like the 810 would destroy a half-ton. I don't know about another mower. I will definately be adding one next year, not sure which one. I really need something with a good collection system. I am considering a walker. Or I might add a stander(grantstand or wright) and get a trac vac for my wb. Not sure, i'll have to demo some machines in the spring. I would definately demo a few machines if I were you though.
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