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Bubble boy is right I know here in B.C. a truck with over 200,000 kms is well beat the salt on the roads rusts the body off rots the frame out. You are constanty changing ball joints and tie rod ends because its damn hard to keep the parts greased I grease my truck ever month and still get alot of water coming out of the parts.

Thats what really makes me laugh about the Dodge boys bragging it up the Cummins engine can go a million miles a Dodge truck barely makes 250,000kms with out complete rebuild here in B.C.

The people from the southern states of the US don't even know what rust is and trying to fix rusted parts is about when your exhaust manifold bolts are rusted to tooth picks.

The lug nuts holding the wheels need tobe heated up with a torch and use a 1/2 drive impact wrench to get the nuts off you can use a 3/4 drive but you end up snapping the wheel studs.

The frame on the truck has heavy rust scale on it you knock it off and find a big hole rusted through the frame. The chassis wiring conections are all corroded up getting shorts and lights not working, brake lines rusting through step on the brakes and a line blows because of rust, brake backing plates rusting right off the axle.

Here in B.C. the mountains we drive on everyday wears tires out in no time your brakes last about a year suspension parts are worn out U joints snapping. Once your repair bills start exceeding payments on a new truck its time to get rid of it which is usually around 200-230,000kms.

Just to give you a idea it makes me laugh when some of ya are bragging up you got over 300,000 miles on your truck a vehical here will last nowhere near that long even if its babied all its life.

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